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Rectifiers Bridge / Module

Bridge rectifiers are used with electronic equipments to provide full wave rectification from an AC power supply. It is also called full-wave rectifier because it makes use of all the AC wave, that is both positive and negative parts. It also produce full-wave DC voltage output.

Advantage of Bridge Rectifiers
- One of the notable benefits of bridge rectifier is that with a given transformer, it produces a voltage output that is nearly twice that of conventional full-wave circuit.
- Bridge rectifiers have low ratio of peak inverse voltage as compared to average output voltage.

Bridge rectifiers are rated by the maximum current they can pass and the maximum reverse voltage they can withstand.


Uses & Applications
There are various applications of bridge rectifiers. To name a few areas where it finds application include:
- Electroplating
- Anodising
- Jewellery making
- Barrelling
- Etching
- Electrophoreting painting
- Cleaning & other electrochemical processes
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